Celebrity Wellness

Celebrity Wellness

Our vision at Happy Livin – “Your Wellness Connect”, is to take Wellness to each and every individual to maintain the Work - Life balance. As we all know Celebrities Work under tremendous pressure which can lead to work-life-imbalance which may eventually lead to various disease conditions.
Celebrity Wellness focuses on developing an Healthy lifestyle which will cover the areas of Nutrition, Healthy living and Homeopathic care, to bring in Harmony at the level of Mind, Body & Soul and achieve Wellness in the true sense.

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Celebrity Wellness

Right Nutrition Importance of Right Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in developing and maintaining good physical, mental and emotional health. Nutrition is an indepth scientific study of food, its nutrients, its utilization and assimilation in our body.

What we eat affects our ability to stay healthy, work and be happy. Merely eating food is not enough, but to understant and eat the right balanced diet is essential for optoimal health.

Homeopathic Care Homeopathic Care

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and scientific method of treatment without any side effects. The right Homeopathic remedy that suits the constitution of the person after a complete case history is known as the constitutional remedy. This constitutional remedy when given in right dose and potency acts as a preventive care, as well as in diseased state will bring in the cure. Homeopathic medicines brings in the Harmony at the level of mind and body. Thus Homeopathic medicines are effective in cases of depression, emotional traumas,Chronic diseases as well as in lifestyle diseases.

Counseling Counseling

Sometimes conselor can play an important role in resolving emotional and unresolved conflicts through counselling. So in our integrated approach of celebrity wellness program we have included Counselling along with a proper Diet and Homeopathic care to achieve complete wellness.

Why Integration Why Integration of Diet, Homeopathy & Counseling?

In order to achieve the desired results a balanced diet and nutrition regimen plays a vital role. A right diet will help to strengthen the immune system where as the constitutional Homeopathic remedy will correct the imbalance and counseling will help resolve the mental and emotional conflicts, thus integration of all the three helps in achieving the desired good health.

Unique Features Unique Features

  • We have been working in the field of Online treatment for the past decade, so you can contact us in real time. We also provide our services at the client site as well as at our various consultating rooms.
  • We provide customized clinical diets for every individual after analyzing the presnt, past and family health history. We also provide uniqe clinical healthy recipes customized for each individuals needs and likings.
  • We also provide a list of healthy food substitues to replace the food having high caloric content.

Team Structure Team Structure

Our Team includes:

  • Diet and Nutrition experts
  • Psychologist
  • Homeopathic experts and
  • Support staff

Program Structue Program Structue

  • We analyze your health and lifestyle status by understanding you daily routine – eating pattern and work schedule. We also take into consideration your emotional and physical health.
  • For Homeopathic consultation we need an in-depth case history. Case history is filled on the basis of the homeopathic case history form that we will send you once you have registered for the treatment program.
  • For Diet and nutrition we take a complete dietary recall to understand your eating pattern.
  • Our counselor will listen and understand your issues and try and resolve the conflicts.
  • On the basis of the case history provided by you, it will be analyzed by Dr Santosh Joshi (Senior Homeopath, practicing for the last 14 years and has patients across the globe), and Dr Varsha Joshi (Homeopath and an expert in the field of Human Nutrition and has done her Masters from the University of Sheffield, UK, and is practicing since last 9 years.).
  • Once we analyze your Case history and Dietary recall form we will provide you Homeopathic medicines and the customized diet charts.

Celebrity Wellness 3 Months Homeopathy and Nutrition Plan

India Patients ₹ 25000 (Add On for Counselling will be 3000/- per session)
US/Australia/Canada $ 2000
Europe Union € 2000
Asia/Africa/UAE/Other $ 2000
United Kingdom £ 2000

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