Homeopathic treatment for all ages

Ever wondered if you could get rid of the allergies, the nagging pains, and chronic suffering? If you think you have hit the dead end and see no hope? Homeopathy is the answer to relieve you of those long term sufferings and chronic diseases in a safe and scientific way..

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  • Personally known to me since 1999, Dr. Santosh has been a wonderful friend and I've had the good fortune of having been treated under him, for ailments which surely needed surgery, according to other doctors and surgeons I had consulted.He has also treated other members of my family, and I would place all my faith in him, and for me that is the first step in any relationship, and definitely one you would want with your doctor, faith and trust.

    Mr. Sarosh Izedyar - Singer, Guitarist, Composer

  • I was under the treatment of Dr. Santosh R. Joshi for treatment of eczema. My eczema was treated by Dr. Joshi's consultation and medicines. He is a great doctor as he takes lot of efforts during case taking and understands the patient very well. His medicines and diet plan given by Dr. Varsha Patel-Joshi helped in curing my eczema. His guidance, right diagnosis and great concern for patients is worth appreciating.

    Mr. Shrikant

  • In last 4months I have lost more then 9 kg of my weight. It feels great to keep my body in a much better shape. I feel younger and more healthy now. Thanks to perfect advice and diet plan and few exercises recommended by Dr. Varsha.

    Kalpa M.

  • I am really thankful to Homeopathy and to Dr Varsha Patel for relieving me off these painful warts and corns. I had been having these warts on my finger tip and corns on my feet for years. I had visited dermatologist who prescribed me expensive ointments and lotions. The medications and lotions did not help but instead warts began to multiply and increase in size. I had also tried the painful methods of burning and cutting off these warts but they always came back. I was greatly disappointed but when Dr Varsha explained me how homeopathy works and assured that the warts will definitely go with homeopathic medicine. To my surprise when I started the treatment, within one weeks time 90% of the warts disappeared and many decreased in size. Within 3-4 months of follow up all the warts and corns have gone and they have yet not reappeared. Earlier I had no faith in Homeopathy but now I definitely recommend it to all my friends and relatives.

    Mr S. Singh

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